South Dakota Region of Narcotics Anonymous


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Narcotics Anonymous offers recovery to addicts around the world.

Who are members of NA?

Anyone who wants to stop using drugs may become a member of Narcotics Anonymous.

Membership is not limited to addicts using any particular drug. Those who feel they may have a problem with drugs, legal or illegal, including alcohol, are welcome in NA. Recovery in NA focuses on the problem of addiction, not on any particular drug.


The basic premise of anonymity allows addicts to attend meetings without fear of legal or social repercussions. This is an important consideration for an addict thinking about going to a meeting for the first time.

Anonymity also supports an atmosphere of equality in meetings. It helps ensure that no individual’s personality or circumstance will be considered more important than the message of recovery shared in NA.

Plains States Zonal Forum of Narcotics Anonymous

SDRNA is part of the Plains States Zonal Forum of Narcotics Anonymous. Member regions are Mid America, OK, Best Little Region, Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota.